Great Lakes Regional World Camp '98

YMCA Camp Potawotami
August 16th - 22nd, 1998

World Camp '98 Session Profiles
last updated July 25, 1998

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Participants will be asked to sign up for the sessions of their choice on Sunday afternoon and evening. We ask that everyone choose a session to be involved in, rather than wander aimlessly - that is what free time is for. Each session will run approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Some require specific clothes, shoes or materials. Please make note of that when signing up.

Effective Models for Teen Leadership; Tony Ganger, YMCA of the USA (Voyager Lodge)
A brief overview of some teen leadership programs from the YMCA Movement. There will be time for participants to share their experiences and ideas for effective teen leadership.
Monday at 9:30; Monday at 11:10

How and Why We Play; Sonny Adkins, Camp Potawotami (Voyager Field)
The "players" are the most important part of a playing experience. They all have social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. Learn new and old activities that will meet the player's need and fulfill a healthy, fun experience for the participant. Be ready to listen, learn, and have fun.
Monday at 9:30; Friday at 11:10

Arts & Crafts; Angie Miesle, Camp Potawotami (Art Barn)
Try out your artistic talents with a variety of hands-on art projects from around the world. Masks, weavings, and mosaics are just a few of the possibilities. Make sure to save room in your bags to take these treasures home!
Monday at 9:30; Thursday at 11:10

The 4 Principles . . . Sherman Lake Style!; Sarah Wagnitz and Susie Redmond, Sherman Lake YMCA (Sharples Center)
This session will include information on the 4 principles of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility as a corporate culture and as a way of life. From the executive director to the kids, from facility management to programming, we will show you how we learn it, love it, teach it, and live it! Prepare to get good info and HAVE FUN!
Monday at 11:10; Tuesday at 9:30

Climbing Tower and Rappelling; Camp Potawotami Staff (Climbing Tower)
Learn the Basics of Climbing and Rappelling on Camp's 25-foot tower. Basic climbing knots and the use of the equipment used for climbing will be covered. Participants will have the opportunity to climb both faces of the tower and self rappel down one side, as well as aid in belaying other participants. A great activity for those stepping out of their comfort zone or for those who just like to climb things.
Monday at 11:10; Thursday at 9:30

Pigeon River Canoe Trip; Camp Potawotami Staff (Arrowhead Lodge)
Enjoy a two-mile canoe trip down one of Indiana's scenic rivers. A slow current takes you through a beautiful wooded landscape where turtles, hawks, great blue heron, and deer are among the common wild life spotted. A peaceful trip with few obstacles makes it enjoyable for the advanced paddler, as well as for a beginner. Participants will return in time for clean up before lunch.
Monday at 9:30; Tuesday at 9:30

Personality Profiles; Nancy Westfield, University of St. Francis, Fort Wayne (Voyager Lodge)
Tuesday at 9:30; Tuesday at 11:10

Wild and Zany Group Games; Lauren Hall, YMCA Camp Crosley (Ball Field)
Ever been bored? Ever had 15 minutes of time and no ideas for fun? Come join us for a session and play new games filld with excitement and activity. Act crazy, have fun, and take back some fresh new ideas for your camps, youth groups, students, children, and friends.
Tuesday at 9:30; Thursday at 9:30

Teambuilding - how to facilitate; Susan "Squirt" Jones, YMCA Camp Tecumseh (Arrowhead Lodge)
What is "Teambuilding" in today's terms? Where do you begin? What is needed? These questions and more will be discussed as we learn by doing. Activities will be done both on and off camp's team initiatives course.
Tuesday at 11:10; Friday at 9:30

The "C" in the YMCA; Bob Phipps, YMCA of the USA (Voyager Lodge)
Take time to examine the value issues, which impact our ability to be effective leaders and explore these core values and be cognizant of them in our own decision making. As well, we will consider how integrity and our Christian faith constitutes to our being an effective leader in the YMCA and will assess our own actions and attitudes in the light of the values we profess.
Thursday at 9:30; Thursday at 11:10

Ft. Wayne YMCA Tours; Susan Tucker, YMCA of Greater Ft. Wayne (Arrowhead Lodge)
Take a trip into the grand city of Ft. Wayne and visit the branches that make up our association. See the facilities, meet a few of the staff and enjoy seeing a few of the sites in the city. Participants will be gone the entire day, having lunch in town and returning just before supper.
Thursday at 9:30

Nature Exploration; Scott Beam, LaGrange Parks and Recreation (Lincoln Lodge)
Explore with us the wondrous wetlands and woodlands of Camp. Participants will romp through the trails with a local naturalist to identify a variety of flowers and fauna, as well as define the traces and signs of the wildlife that is abundant to the area.
Tuesday at 11:10

Wetlands Romp; Camp Potawotami Staff (Lincoln Lodge)
It is a well-known fact that mud baths are an ancient beauty secret for supple skin and ever lasting youth, right? Cool! Then we do have a good reason to go out and play in the mud! Join our wacky camp staff for an outrageous romp through the wetlands. Expect to get quite dirty and to learn that one is never too old for mud fights!
Thursday at 11:10

Earth Service Corps; Sonny Adkins, Camp Potawotami (Voyager Lodge)
What are our worldwide environmental issues? How can we think globally and act locally? What can we as YMCA volunteers do to help our environment survive? A cracker-barrel discussion on worldwide environmental issues and how to attack them on a local level. Be ready to share ideas and activities.
Friday at 9:30

Camp Visitations: Lakewood, Crosley, Dick Runyan, Logan; Kara Brockhouse, Camp Potawotami (Arrowhead Lodge)
Camps all share the mission of bringing fun and healthy activities to the public - but each does so in it's own unique way. Spend the morning visiting four camps - two YMCA, two private - and learn about their facility and program structure.
Friday at 9:30

Murder Mystery; Anne Weinberg, World Camp Committee (Picnic Tables)
Listening can be "murderous" at times. Try your hand at solving a murder mystery and enhance your listening skills at the same time. This is a fun team building activity that is great for staff training and family camps. Come play and stop letting people "get away with murder"!
Friday at 11:10