39 Gifts from 33 Donors in 1989 Totaling $ 7,345.00
as of May 19th, 2022.  

        Bob and Barbara Barr
        Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Boda
        Greenbaum/Altman Pediatrics
        Kelli Cole
        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Creager
        Mike Dailey
        Mae Gailani
        Raymond B. Karasic, M.D.
        Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Keppel
        Armetha H. Kern
        Charles W. Kuhn
        Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kuhn
        Paul E. Kuhn
        Janice M. Lyons
        Cheryl Homich
        Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Martin
        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter
        Mr. and Mrs. John E. Neff
        James D. Roehm
        Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Salisbury
        Paul B. Selz
        Scott R. Serbin, M.D.
        Michael Sherman
        Mary Kuhn Sigel
        R. J. Simonds
        Thomas D. Sydnor, II
        Donald Vigliotti MD & Kathy Selvaggi MD
        Anne M. Trowbridge
        Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Weinberg
        Stuart Weinberg, MD
        Roz Young

Gifts Received in Honor of:   Stu Weinberg
Gifts Received in Memory of:   George O. Coleman; James F. Kern; Beulah Kern Kuhn; William and Beulah Kuhn; Bob Lecklider; Charles S. Martin; Robert C. Neff; Ralph D. Roehm; Jed Whitaker; William A. Young