43 Gifts from 40 Donors in 1996 Totaling $ 7,765.00
as of May 19th, 2022.  

        Karen Kreitzer
        Theodore M. Arnovitz
        Bob and Barbara Barr
        Dr. Harold L. Boda
        A. Rodney Boren
        Barbara and Harry Bradbury
        Clifford M. Carey
        Martha H. Champion
        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Creager
        Kevin T. Davis
        Laura M. Drake
        John and Patty Fiely
        Thomas H. Gillaugh
        Mark T. Graler
        James M. Hoffman
        Ray and Kay Johnston
        Craig Jolley
        Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kuhn
        Tom and Cheryl Majewski
        Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maroon
        Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Martin
        John B. Maxwell
        Callie McCafferty
        Sam McCray
        Jerry L. L. Miller
        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter
        Mr. Harold H. Prugh
        James A. Rannes, D.M.D.
        Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Salisbury
        Mary Kuhn Sigel
        Walter G. Sterzer
        Byron T. Stone
        Tom Sydnor
        Richard and Muriel Trowbridge
        Ted Tsomides
        Lynn Stephens Watson
        Stuart T. Weinberg, MD
        Dr. and Mrs. Philip Weisman
        Jack and Janet Whitaker
        Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Whitney (2)

Gifts Received in Honor of:   Julian Bailes III; Dr. and Mrs. Boda; George E. and Vera Kuhn; Anne Trowbridge Weinberg; Stuart T. Weinberg
Gifts Received in Memory of:   Tala S. Arnovitz; Wm. T. Butt; Joseph J. Carey; Leo L. Homich; William H and Beulah Kern Kuhn; Kathy Johnston Long; Charles S. Martin; Rick Molfenter; Diane Rannes; Jed M. Whitaker; William A. Young