47 Gifts from 44 Donors in 2001 Totaling $ 9,500.00
as of January 30th, 2023.  

        Mr. and Mrs. William Allbery
        Ms. Irene E. Allen
        Bayless Gas, Inc.
        Mr. Craig W. Borden, M.D.
        Bradstreet & Company, Inc.
        Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brady
        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bunnell
        Ms. Dorothy M. Carey
        Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Carlile
        Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carpenter
        Dr. and Mrs. William G. Cassel
        Mr. Thomas A. Creager
        Mr. and Mrs. William Dibert
        Mrs. Shirley M. Gogle
        Mr. William Graves
        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Guidera
        Rev. Paul F. Hurst
        JOMAC, Ltd.
        Dr. Martin Jacobs
        Ray and Kay Johnston
        Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kerze
        Mr. Charles W. Kuhn
        Estate of George E. Kuhn
        Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kuhn
        Mr. and Mrs. William Kuhn
        Ms. Vicki S. Leonard
        Mr. and Mrs. David Molfenter
        Mr. and Mrs. James Moon
        Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Moren
        Mr. & Mrs. Terrence O'Loughlin
        Ohio Propane Gas Association
        Mr. and Mrs. Randal Reeves
        Mr. and Mrs. John Riordan
        Mr. and Mrs. James D. Roehm
        Mr. Frank M. Root
        Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Roush, Jr.
        Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rupert
        Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Salisbury
        Ms. Jane M. Schneider
        Ms. Mary Kuhn Sigel
        Ms. Melda Silberman
        St. Augustine Church
        Mr. Hugh E. Wall III
        Stuart and Anne Weinberg

Gifts Received in Honor of:  
Gifts Received in Memory of:   Joseph J. Carey; George E. Kuhn; Kathy Johnston Long; Rick E. Molfenter; Ralph D. Roehm