62 Gifts from 53 Donors in 2018 Totaling $ 25,146.97
as of May 19th, 2022.  

        Mr. and Mrs. William Allbery
        Debbie Barnheiser-Alston
        Linda Scott Bartlett
        Bill and Kathleen Beck
        Jack and Kris Blosser
        Barbara and Harry Bradbury
        Elaina Garvin Briant
        Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bridgman
        Phil Burckle
        Peter T. Cade
        Susan Chandler
        Bob Crafton
        Kevin T. Davis
        Amy S. DiMario
        Ronald L. Dreffer
        John and Allison Dunham
        J. Martin Erbaugh
        Dean Erskine
        John R. Fiely
        Mary Kay Graf
        Jack Harding
        Judy Hepner
        Tim Joseph
        Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Keppel
        Megan Marino
        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter
        Scott and Rebecca Molfenter
        Mike and Amy Parks
        Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pees
        Si Pitstick
        Greg Ramm
        Estate of Robert M. Salisbury
        Mike Sherman
        Richard Sievers
        Jay Silver
        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Slobodnyak
        Lynn Arnold Sparks
        Jack Sperry
        Cheryl Stevens
        The Kuntz Foundation
        Deb Bushhouse Traut
        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trowbridge
        Amy Rietman Vershel
        Donald Vigliotti MD & Kathy Selvaggi MD
        Dr. Philip H. Vorherr
        John and Becky Waddell
        Russell Waddell
        Stuart and Anne Weinberg
        Stuart T. Weinberg, MD
        Amy Daganhardt Whitlow
        Betsy B. Whitney
        Rich Whitney

Gifts Received in Honor of:   The 1976-79 Kern Staff; Stuart Weinberg; Stuart and Anne Weinberg
Gifts Received in Memory of:   William C. Arnold; Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Burckle Jr.; Bob Daganhardt; James W. Falter; Bill and Cleo Garvin; Robert M. Harding; John P. Mathews; Rick E. Molfenter; Jack Singerman; Leon A. Whitney