Photo of C.B. Kern THE CARL B. KERN FUND
of The Dayton Foundation

established 1987

1401 S. Main Street, Suite 100  *  Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 222-0410  *  (877) 222-0410  *  FAX: (937) 222-0636

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33 Gifts from 33 Donors in 2020 Totaling $ 5,420.00
as of July 11th, 2020.  

        Mr. and Mrs. William Allbery
        Tim and Lucy Baker
        G. Kent Barnheiser
        Jack and Kris Blosser
        Harry and Barbara Bradbury
        Haley Brown
        Scott Burris
        Bob Crafton
        Sereana Dresbach
        Tracey Gaslin
        Kevin and Janis Gilbert
        Mary Kay Graf
        Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Grant
        Jack Harding
        John A. Laughrey
        Pat McClain
        Fred and Holly McConnaughey
        Scott and Rebecca Molfenter
        Pavia Family Charitable Fund
        Mike Sherman
        Richard Sievers
        Lee Skarha
        Lynn Arnold Sparks
        Jack Sperry
        Michael J. Sterzer
        Cheryl Arnold Stevens
        Cheryl Susman
        Dick and Muriel Trowbridge
        Joe Wade
        Stuart T. Weinberg, MD
        Betsy B. Whitney
        Lauren Bratburd Wolff

Donations Received in Honor of:

Rocco, Jean & Dominic Baker
Beth Barnheiser Lowy
Amy Barnheiser Waddell
Stuart & Anne Weinberg

Donations Received in Memory of:

Bill Arnold
Bob Daganhardt
J. Martin 'Marty' Erbaugh
Robert & Suzanne Gilbert
Rick E. Molfenter
George P. Sperry, MD
Walter G. and Earl E. Sterzer
Bob Terwillegar
Lee Whitney