47 Gifts from 39 Donors in 2021 Totaling $ 10,235.00
as of June 23rd, 2021.  

        Mr. and Mrs. William Allbery
        Karen Kreitzer Allen
        Bill and Kathy Beck
        Tim Blank
        Mike Boehmer
        Phil Burckle
        Scott Burris
        Colin Campbell
        Susan Chandler
        Karen Cossman
        Bob Crafton
        Lainie P. Croke
        Jim and Ellen Davis
        Jeff Davis
        Emily Landis Dennis
        Mike Ditmer
        The Erbaugh Family
        James and Nancy Gogle
        David C. Hanselman
        Michelle Hill
        Beth Kuhn
        Fred and Holly McConnaughey
        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter
        Scott and Rebecca Molfenter
        Todd and Nancy Molfenter
        Thomas L. Parkinson
        Victoria Parsons
        Steven and Tara Poelzing
        Dr. Richard & Marlene Poeppelmeier
        Mike Sherman
        Gerry and Stacy Siegert
        Rich Sievers
        Tom and Rosemary Slobodnyak
        Michael J. Sterzer
        Dick and Muriel Trowbridge
        Stuart T. Weinberg, MD
        Stuart and Anne Weinberg
        Randall Weiner
        Betsy B. Whitney

Donations Received in Honor of:

Tami Opferkuch Kesling; Barb Newill Klatt; Leigh Randolph Pickenpaugh; Zach and Nick Siegert; Lynn Arnold Sparks

Donations Received in Memory of:

James Cossman; Tami Greenfield Boehmer; Bob Daganhardt; George E. and Penny Kuhn; Rick E. Molfenter; Margie Myers; Robert S. Neff; William Parkinson; Carol J. Rhyner; Marilyn Singerman; Walter G. and Earl E. Sterzer; Lee Whitney; Dick and Marge Youngen; Amy Turley