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Ed Coady
Tony and Barbara Zangaro

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Gifts Received in Memory of:   Bonnie Williams

In honor of Lynn Arnold Sparks, Tami Opferkuch Kesling, Barb Newill Klatt, and Leigh Randolph Pickenpaugh - "These then-young women helped me grow more confident. I treasure my memories of the Triple K Ranch." - Emily Landis Dennis

In honor of Mike Sherman - "Mike taught us how to tell stories, and I have now been telling stories for camps, churches, schools, and many other venues for almost 45 years." - Nancy Myers Winniford

In honor of Zach and Nick Siegert - "Our sons have been campers/counselors for close to twenty years and Camp Kern has been a life-changing experience for them." - Gerry and Stacy Siegert

In memory of Elaine Amburgey - "A true lover of children and the outdoors." - Melissa Milburn Kuns

In memory of Bill Arnold - "Bill (my father) introduced me to Kern as a family camper in the 60's. He worked there in the late 40's when it was at the bottom of the hill. Thus started a long-term association with Kern that persists to this day. My sister Cheryl and I are living proof that Kern blood can be inherited." - Lynn Arnold Sparks

In memory of Tami Greenfield Boehmer - "Tami loved her days at Camp Kern and often commented how it changed her life. She especially liked serving as a camp counselor. Camp Kern made a dramatic impact on her life." - Mike Boehmer

In memory of J. Martin 'Marty' Erbaugh - "Camp Kern meant so much to Marty. It helped shape him as an adult, spouse and father. He told many Camp Kern stories to me and his three beautiful daughters. I know it would mean a lot to Marty to give back to a camp that gave him so much in his formative years." - Lynne Erbaugh

In memory of George E. and Penny Kuhn - "Carl B. Kern was George's uncle; brother to his mother Beulah Kern." - Beth Kuhn

In memory of Rick E. Molfenter - "As always - Rick always looked forward to going to Camp Kern!" - Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter

In memory of Margie Myers - "Margie was employed at Central YMCA as secretary for George Coleman, who was right hand to General Secretary Maurice Gogle and others who replaced him. She was my cousin and worked at the Y more than 50 years! Many of you will remember Margie, as she was organist for our church in Farmersville over 50 years. She encouraged me to also work at the Y. I was secretary to Lou Cox and Harry Bradbury in the Physical Dept. While working there, I met Pep (Dick Poeppelmeier) who was helping out in the Boys Dept. He was a leader at Day Camp, and spent 5 years at Camp Kern, as well as teaching swimming, at the Y, participating on the swim team, gymnastics team, Leaders Club etc. When Pep brought a small snake back from day camp one time to scare me - I knew that he liked me. Ha. We've been married 64 years. Pep, Senior, was involved at the Y also, serving on various committees. We owe our long and happy marriage to cousin Margie." - Dr. Richard and Marlene Poeppelmeier

In memory of Viola Packer - "Dedicated nurse." - Gary and Carol Packer

In memory of Walter G. and Earl E. Sterzer - "Whose experience at the Old Camp in the 1930's was invaluable." - Michael J.Sterzer

In memory of Amy Turley - "We lost Amy last year. I met her at Ranch Camp. She loved Camp Kern." - Susan Chandler