Honorary and Memorial Gifts Since 1987
updated March 3, 2020
    Just as this Fund recognizes and honors Carl B. Kern for his work and the impact he had on the lives of others, so has the Fund made it possible for donors to recognize those special 'camp people' and other individuals who have had an impact on their lives.  

Honorary Gifts
The 1976-79 Kern Staff     
The Old Dogs of the 60s & 70s     
Julian Bailes, III     
Rocco, Jean & Dominic Baker     
Kent Barnheiser     
Dr Harold L. Boda *     
Susan Corn     
Michael T. Engel     
Frank Hoernemann *     
George E. & Vera P. Kuhn *     
Beth Barnheiser Lowy     
Larry L. Maxwell     
Jeff, Amy & Luke Merhige     
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Molfenter     
Mary Kuhn Sigel *     
Jack Singerman *     
The Singerman Family     
Chuck Snyder     
Thomas D. Sydnor, II     
Anne M. Trowbridge     
Max A. Trowbridge     
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Trowbridge     
Amy Barnheiser Waddell     
John Waddell     
Stuart T. Weinberg     
* - now deceased

Memorial Gifts
Teddy Alvero     
Bill Arnold     
Tala S. Arnovitz     
Charles L. Backus, Jr.     
Bob & Barbara Barr     
Don D. Battelle     
David Beck     
Charles J. Blank     
Tami Greenfield Boehmer     
David 'Loaf' Bredenfoerder     
Steve Bull     
Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Burckle Jr.     
Wm. T. Butt     
Joseph J. Carey     
George O. Coleman     
Gary Corn     
James E. Cossman     
Bob Daganhardt     
T.C. 'Chad' Dunham     
Dr. James H. Erbaugh     
J. Martin 'Marty' Erbaugh     
James W. Falter     
Bill & Cleo Garvin     
Robert & Suzanne Gilbert     
Robert C. Gray     
Robert M. Harding     
Leo L. Homich     
Paul H. Jansen, Jr.     
Carl B. Kern     
James F. Kern     
Mary Elizabeth Kern     
Beulah E. Kern Kuhn     
George E. Kuhn     
William Kuhn     
Edward L. Kohnle     
Robert W. Lecklider     
Jimmy Lewis     
Kathy Johnston Long     
Thomas Majewski     
Charles S. Martin     
John P. Mathews     
Jackie Maxwell     
Graham A. McConnell     
Paul H. McKee     
Rick E. Molfenter     
Minor F. 'Bud' Neff     
Robert C. Neff     
Cynthia Norwalk     
William Parkinson     
Diane Rannes     
Vivian Rhyner     
Ralph D. Roehm     
Frank Root     
Gary L. Saxton     
Jack Singerman     
Baby John Slobodnyak     
Walter G. & Earl E. Sterzer     
Robert C. Terwillegar     
Jed M. Whitaker     
Dr. John R. White     
Howard Whitman     
Leon A. Whitney     
William A. Young     
Dick & Marge Youngen     

From Dean Johnston (Kern OE Naturalist, '75-'80) in 2019 - "I first knew Bob Terwillegar (Mr. T) as my science teacher in grade school. He was a great teacher who believed in bringing out the best in students. His teaching was not only theoretical but always took us further into a hands-on understanding of science. I have fond memories of Bob in the classroom teaching us science while seated with a large black rat snake wrapped comfortably around his arm. "T's" greatest interest was in natural science, especially in the wise use and preservation of natural resources. Later after college, I had the privilege of working with Bob when he brought his classes to Camp Kern for environmental educational camp. Bob was an inspiring teacher and master naturalist. His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge inspired several generations of students in the Indian Hills School System as well as Kern staff who were lucky enough to work with him. He was my inspiration to follow the career path I choose of becoming an interpretive naturalist at Forest Park Nature Center, Peoria, Illinois. I feel blessed to have known him."