Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, FAAP, FAMIA

Clinical Informatics Consultant

updated January 13, 2023

Yes, I'm one of those... Curious about a branch of my family tree I didn't know anything about (my mother's natural father) and armed with subscriptions to and, I started a journey which has allowed me to not only discover a lot of historical information but also connect with several living relatives I didn't know existed, several of whom actually enjoyed being contacted!

And I got hooked(!) As with any family tree, there are some fascinating stories and some stones that are better left unturned. I thought I'd post a few summaries of individuals and/or families to not only document for posterity but also to share with other members of the family tree who may be interested.

And thanks to those individuals who have helped me in my journey, sharing with me all sorts of additional materials - you know who you are!