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'A Friend of the Boys'

The following editorial appeared in the Dayton Daily News on June 4, 1917, the day after Mr. Carl B. Kern was killed at age 37 in an automobile accident.

Carl B. Kern sought no greater honor than to be accounted worthy of the friendship of the hundreds of young fellows who were under his personal care and attention in the boys' department of the Y.M.C.A.

Carl Kern built wisely in Dayton. The things he started here with the boys will go on and the policies he followed will be held worthy of emulation by those who follow him.

Camp Ozone, at Ft. Ancient, where hundreds of these full-of-life young chaps were accustomed to spend their vacaton days, will stand as a permanent memorial to the aggressive activities of Mr. Kern. Many important innovations in the boys' department of the Y.M.C.A. bear testimony of his efficiency and potential interest in the service.

Any men whose work is among young men and wide-awake boys bears a tremendous responsibility, and the reward for a successful service is great.

And so today the boys of the Y.M.C.A. are grieving because one of their number has gone away. It will be a rather difficult task to fill the vacancy that Carl Kern's death has created. His loss is a personal one in hundreds of Dayton homes.