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established 1987

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updated January 1, 2023

A note about year-end donations - specifically checks - and determining in which year the donation is listed, as per an email from The Dayton Foundation (1/15/2021):

“I wanted to give you an overview of our policy of handling year-end checks. We follow the IRS Treasury Regulation 1.170A-1(b) that the contribution is made at the time of delivery and the U.S. Mail postmark establishes that date of delivery. We do realize we have situations where donors are mailing to a fund advisor first and we don't have the original postmark date. As a fund advisor and agent of ours, we can go by when you received the check or if you have the post-mark from the envelope or other documentation showing the date the donation was originated.” 

Options: Donate By Mail - Blank Form Donate By Mail - Fillable Form Donate Online
Info: You can click on the link above to open a blank Donor Form which can then be printed out, completed, and mailed with your check as instructed. You can click on the link above to complete an online Donor Form which can then be printed out and mailed with your check as instructed. [temporarily unavailable, as of 1/1/2023] You can make a secure, online credit card gift using the link above to The Dayton Foundation's website. The Fund name and number is pre-populated on the form for your convenience. Note that there is a 3.0% processing fee charged to the Fund based on your donation amount.
This is the fastest way to get your donation info added to the Fund website, since your check and form will be sent first to TN. It does mean completing the form manually and having to deal with addressing envelopes and using stamps! [But I do enjoy the mail...! :)] This will ensure all of your donation info is legible(!), and when completed, the info is sent electronically to TN. The form and check are mailed directly to OH, and the Fund website will be updated after the Foundation has processed the payment, which can take up to a couple of weeks. This is probably most convenient for those who don't want to deal with checks, envelopes, and stamps.... Please note that this incurs a fee to the Fund, and the appearance of some donation details on the Fund website may be delayed, as info makes its way from OH to TN!