Photo of C.B. Kern THE CARL B. KERN FUND
of The Dayton Foundation

established 1987

1401 S. Main Street, Suite 100  *  Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 222-0410  * * *  FAX: (937) 222-0636

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<==     32 Gifts from 31 Donors in 2024 Totaling $ 16,486.00
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as of July 24th, 2024.  

      Paul and Jan Atkinson
      Bill Beck
      Phil Burckle
      Pete Cade
      Bob Crafton
      MK Graf
      Molly and Doug Grant
      Mrs. Michelle Hill
      Tim Hoying
      The Joseph Family
      Mrs. Kim Keith
      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keppel
      The Wisconsin Molfenters
      Eric Moll
      Mr. Michael Nagy
      John E. Neff and Martha L. Taylor
      Gary and Carol Packer
      Mr. William Pees
      Susan Lowe Raftery
      Tom Reel
      Michael Sherman
      Michael J. Sterzer
      Patty and Mark Thompson
      Mrs. Diane K. Timmons
      Amy Reitman Vershel
      Dr. Donald Vigliotti and Dr. Kathy Selvaggi
      Anne T. Weinberg
      Mr. Rich Whitney
      Mrs. Nancy (Myers) Winniford
      Mrs. Lauren Bratburd Wolff
      Mrs. Deanna Zikias

Donations Received in Honor of:

Donations Received in Memory of:

Rick E. Molfenter