Photo of C.B. Kern THE CARL B. KERN FUND
of The Dayton Foundation

established 1987

1401 S. Main Street, Suite 100  *  Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 222-0410  * * *  FAX: (937) 222-0636

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<==     82 Gifts from 70 Donors in 2023 Totaling $ 19,700.00     ==>
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as of March 4th, 2024.  

      Anonymous (4)
      Chris Addison
      Kumie Allbery
      Jeff Anderson
      Kinsey Brown
      Phil Burckle
      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burckle
      Scott Burris
      Jennette L. Caden
      Colin Campbell
      Dr. Barbara Cleary
      Brent Davenport
      B.J. Davis
      Amy and Paul DiMario
      Bill and Enid Dilbert
      Laura Drake
      Monika Elliott
      Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Erskine
      MK Graf
      Lisa Greenberg
      Mr. David C. Hanselman
      Beth Ann Konves
      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Koorndyk
      Dr. Susan J. Kressly
      Sarah E. Kuhn
      Shirl Kuhn
      Tim Kuo
      Laurie and Brent Leon Family
      Laurie Dearworth Leon
      T.J. and Pam Maroon
      Michelle Massie
      Judy and Greg Mersch
      Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter
      Mrs. Marisela Moreno
      Kathleen Summers Motoike
      Ted Newill
      James W. Osterwisch
      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Parkinson
      Hannah Parks and Jason Pleva
      Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Parks
      Dr. Barron Patterson
      Si Pitstick
      Emily and Jon Roberts
      Terri Hemmerle Roden
      Alice and Burt Saidel
      Mike Sherman
      Scott Singerman
      Tom and Rosemary Slobodnyak
      Nancy Moyer Solada
      Alan Stanley
      Mike and Jen Stanton
      Bayard T. Storey
      Patty and Mark Thompson
      Mrs. Diane K. Timmons
      Katie Tucker Trippi
      Dick and Muriel Trowbridge
      Amy Rietman
      Mr. Russell L. Waddell
      Anne, Nathan, and Sarah Weinberg
      Mrs. Gay Weinberg
      Stuart and Anne Weinberg
      Rich Whitney
      Saralyn R. Williams
      Dr. Joseph Zickafoose
      Deanna Zikias

Donations Received in Honor of:

Mike Sherman
David and Camdyn Thompson
Dr. Von Kernberg
Stuart Weinberg
Anne T. Weinberg

Donations Received in Memory of:

Rick E. Molfenter
Steven W. Kuhn
Rick E. Molfenter
William Parkinson
Jack and Marilyn Singerman
Tony (Zang) Zangaro