Photo of C.B. Kern THE CARL B. KERN FUND
of The Dayton Foundation

established 1987

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Frequently Asked Questions
updated January 7, 2022

  1. What is the difference between donating to The Carl B. Kern Fund and contributing directly to YMCA Camp Kern?

    Donations to The Carl B. Kern Fund can be considered as investments in the future, helping to build the Fund's principal that will yield a steady source of distributions to support a variety of YMCA Camp Kern initiatives in perpetuity. (see how past distributions have been used). Donations to YMCA Camp Kern directly serve to support specific immediate needs, including camper scholarships and facility updates. Both serve distinct, important functions, and the Kern Fund Advisory Board encourages donors to choose the method of support with which they feel the most comfortable. Of course, it's possible to donate to both.... 😊

  2. Who decides how the distribution money is used?

    The YMCA Camp Kern Executive Director has discretion on how the annual distribution is used. As per the Fund Agreement, a detailed report is to be submitted to The Dayton Foundation once a year outlining the uses of the funds. The Kern Fund Advisory Board has frequently communicated with the Executive Director to discuss how the money may best be used; for example, planning multi-year pledges towards capital improvements at camp.

  3. Are there goals to the fundraising efforts for The Carl B. Kern Fund?

    The Founder of the Fund would certainly like to see the fund's balance reach $1 million before, in his words, he's "made his last lanyard, so to speak...". This would result in an annual distribution of around $40,000, which would continue to increase as the Fund's balance increases. Future goals might be tied to keeping up with a certain percentage of the operating budget of YMCA Camp Kern, which would then guarantee a steady source of income that could partially offset unforeseen circumstances.

  4. If the Dayton YMCA no longer owned YMCA Camp Kern, would this affect The Carl B. Kern Fund's distributions to camp?

    No. The Fund Agreement is very specific in stating that distributions go to "the organization responsible for the management of Camp Kern". If another Y were to take ownership, or if Camp Kern became independent, the distributions would continue to camp without interruption.

  5. What would happen to the money in this Fund if YMCA Camp Kern no longer existed?

    The Fund Agreement was specifically written to address this scenario. One of the reasons this Fund is named after Carl B. Kern and not YMCA Camp Kern is that the intention of the Fund is to focus on the legacy of "C.B."'s work with youth through camping and the outdoors. Should YMCA Camp Kern cease to exist, the Kern Fund Advisory Board would continue to direct distributions from the Fund to organizations that closely align to this work, in C.B. Kern's honor, keeping his legacy alive.