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established 1987

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<==     44 Gifts from 42 Donors in 1998 Totaling $ 5,340.00     ==>
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as of March 4th, 2024.  

      The Arnovitz Foundation
      Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Boda
      Barbara and Harry Bradbury
      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bridgman
      Mr. Stephen J. Bull
      Mr. Scott Burris
      Dr. and Mrs. William G. Cassel
      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Creager
      Ms. Amy S. Dimario
      Mr. and Mrs. William Dibert
      Mr. and Mrs. Harold Erskine
      Ms. Mary M. Frye
      Mrs. Shirley M. Gogle
      Mr. and Mrs. Fenton M. Hill
      Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Hoffman
      Ray and Kay Johnston
      Mr. Daniel B. Keith
      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Kreusch
      Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kuhn
      Mrs. Mary Helen Lecklider
      Mr. Charles F. Martin
      Miriam K. Dibert
      Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Moren
      Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Parks
      Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pees
      Dr. and Mrs. R.W. Poeppelmeier
      Mr. Harold H. Prugh
      Mr. and Mrs. Randal Reeves
      Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Ritchie
      Mr. and Mrs. James D. Roehm
      Mr. David F. Root
      Mr. Frank M. Root
      Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Roush, Jr.
      Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Salisbury
      Mr. Kenneth O. Shively
      Ms. Mary Kuhn Sigel
      Mr. and Mrs. Lee Skarha
      Mr. Michael J. Sterzer
      Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Sterzer
      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sucher
      Richard and Muriel Trowbridge
      Betsy B. & Leon A. Whitney, II
      Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Youngen

Donations Received in Honor of:

Donations Received in Memory of:

Tala S. Arnovitz