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last updated February 13, 2003

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One of the major tasks of the GURU application which enhances clinic productivity and efficiency is to print all of the encounter/progress sheets for all scheduled patients. These sheets include information on current demographics, the currently-assigned primary provider, and social/clinical prompts such as identifying high-risk children for flu vaccines or Special Needs.

Current Procedure

Information is retrieved from the current scheduling system on a daily basis. Two separate reports currently handle this report generation:

  • $A0KMN4 - retrieves information from patients scheduled 4 days from when report is generated
  • $A0KMN2 - retrieves information from patients scheduled 2 days from when report is generated
The only difference in these 2 reports is the number of days in advance to retrieve information from the scheduling system. This is necessary to accomodate the weekends.

Typically, the $A0KMN2 report is run on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. The report is then available for processing the next day, which is the day before the actual visits. For example, a report run Monday evening will be available on Tuesday and contain all of the scheduled patients for Wednesday.

The $A0KMN4 report is run on Thursday and Friday evening. Thursday evening's report will be available on Friday and contain Monday's patients. Similarly, Friday evening's report will be available on Saturday (or Monday) and contain Tuesday's patients.

The results of both the $A0KMN2 and $A0KMN4 reports are placed in an output file named A0KMEN.CYL in the G:DOWNLOAD directory. This is where GURU looks for the daily download file when the authorized user selects the menu item to "Process the Daily Download File".

Contents and Format of Daily Download File

The following information items are retrieved from the scheduling system and used to populate the GURU clinical database application:

  • Resident/Provider Code (typically a provider or clinic abbreviation)
  • Resident/Provider Description (typically a person's or clinic's name)
  • Visit Date
  • Visit Time
  • Patient Name (last, first, mi)
  • Patient Medical Record Number
  • Patient Birthdate
  • Patient Sex (M or F)
  • Clinic Code (4-character alpha)
The fields have fixed lengths so the report appears as columns of information with the respective field values.

Please contact Stuart Weinberg, MD at for additional information.