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last updated November 30, 1999

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Below is a summary of Y2K issues concerning the GURU application.

Presence of Dates in GURU Datafiles

Dates currently exist in several of the GURU datafiles which comprise the GURU database. Specifically, the datafiles and date fields are as follows:

Master Patient Directory: PTNT_DIR.ITB
Birthdate BIRTHDAT dd-dd-dd
Status Date LASTDATE dd-dd-dd
Master Download Patient Directory: CHLD_DIR.ITB
Birthdate BIRTHDAT dddddddd
Status Date LASTDATE dddddddd
Status Date LASTDATE dd-dd-dddd
Encounters: PTENCNTR.ITB
Date of Encounter ENC_DATE dd-dd-dd
Date of Discharge DIS_DATE dd-dd-dd
Immunizations: PTNTIMMS.ITB
Immunization Date VAC_DATE dddddddd
Problem Lists: CHLDPROB.ITB
Date Problem Began BEGINDAT dd-dd-dddd
Date Problem Resolved ENDNGDAT dd-dd-dddd

Procedures to Handle Potential Y2K Problems

  • All of the above datafiles with 2-digit years will be modified so that the date fields will be of the format "dddddddd". All data will be modified appropriately (i.e. "122299" -> "12221999"). Procedures have been written and tested to accomplish the above.

  • GURU's environmental variable E.Y2K4 will be set to TRUE throughout all applications, forcing all dates from the #DATE variable and TODAY() function to contain 4-digit years.

  • All display screens will be reviews to ensure handling of 4-digit years is appropriate. However, not all dates will be displayed with 4-digit years, and the appearance of many screens will remain unchanged.

  • A complete test environment has been established on a standalone computer to copy the entire Primary Care Clinic application and make the above datafile and program changes. Testing has been underway since September, including data entry & updates, file downloads/uploads, display screen, report printouts, using system dates after January 1, 2000. With the exception of a few miscellaneous infrequent reports that are run solely by Julie Spangler, all other applications are currently running (as of 11/30/99) without incident.

  • The completion of 'going live' with Y2K updates will require downtime of 2-3 hours to complete transfer of updated programming and to perform procedures to alter the datafiles. This can be accomplished anytime before 12/31/99. Specifically, the procedure will occur as follows:

    • Call CIS operator to run batch program to disable all users from GURU application.
    • Update startup file CHP.MNU to disable any subsequent application launches (i.e. change to a simple BYE statement)
    • Transfer all datafiles to GURU7a directory (already in existence) where the latest programming application will already reside.
    • Perform prewritten procedures to perform datafile modifications to date fields (estimated time 1-2 hours).
    • Call Becky (or delegate) to change command line for GURU application to redirect to new GURU7a directory.

  • It is expected to have the GURU application developer on-site at CHP from Saturday, January 1 to Monday January 3 to be available for any incidents which may occur.

submitted by Stuart T. Weinberg, MD
GURU Application Developer