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The GURU mailing list is designed to facilitate communication about the GURU (formerly Knowledgeman) application that is used in the Primary Care Clinic, Adolescent Clinic, FIC, and other sites associated with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

This list is currently administered and moderated by Stuart T. Weinberg, MD FAAP who can be reached at

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to GURU,

  • Send an e-mail message to
  • Leave the Subject line blank.
  • In the body of the e-mail message, type only one line:


and that will do it!

How to Post a Message to Everyone Subscribed to the List

To post a message to GURU, send your e-mail message to

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from GURU

  • Send an e-mail message to
  • Leave the Subject line blank.
  • In the body of the e-mail message, type only one line:


and that will do it!

Some Helpful Hints to New Users of Mailing Lists

The following suggestions will hopefully assist new users to increase your satisfaction with the mailing list and to avoid some common pitfalls.

IMPORTANT: Note the two addresses

There are actually two addresses associated with this mailing list:, which is an administrative address, and, which is the mailing list address to post messages.

The administrative address is used rarely - only to subscribe, unsubscribe, and perform other operations on the mailing list which most people will never use. Nevertheless, it is not an uncommon error for people to send SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE messages to the actual mailing list, which will provide the benefit of letting all the subscribers know what you want to do(!), but does not result in any action.

Decide to Respond to One Address or the Entire List

Discussion and responses are the essence of a good mailing list. Sometimes questions are posted, and others will provide responses that are very valuable to all members of the mailing list. Most e-mail programs have a way for you to automatically respond to whatever address is sending you the e-mail message, which in this case will be the mailing list address. Therefore, your responses will also be broadcast to everyone on the list.

Keep this in mind when you respond. One-liners like "Yeah, that's a great idea" or "Hey, how bad WAS that flooding where you live?" are probably more appropriately directed to the individual sender (whose address is usually in the top of the message) than to the entire list of dozens or hundreds of subscribers.

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