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last updated May 7, 2003

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Data which currently resides in systems designed primarily for billing can be extracted for clinical & research use and reduce duplicate data entry, although sometimes there are compromises in accurately capturing the clinical encounter using this method. GURU processes demographic, insurance, and billing data to compile such information as family relationships, immunization records, and problem lists, which can be accessed in a more user-friendly manner. This information can then be used to provide clinical reminders and reduce missed opportunities for medical interventions such as flu vaccine administration for high-risk patients. It has also been used to date for several research projects.

Current Procedure

Information is retrieved from the current billing system on a weekly basis. The current report is generated by the $A2FAIT adhoc report procedure.

Typically, the $A2FAIT report is run each Monday. It includes information which is retrieved from the prior 14 days (Saturday thru Sunday). The patients retrieved ("select criteria") are all patients who have been registered/billed for specified outpatient clinics (currently Primary Care and all satellites, Adolescent Clinic, and Pediatric Partners), PLUS any other patients who received immunizations hospital-wide, identified by a subset of ICD-9 codes (V03.00 thru V06.99).

The results of the $A2FAIT report are placed in an output file named A2FAIT.[extension], with the [extension] identifying the date of the report.

Contents and Format of Weekly Download File

The following information items are retrieved from the billing system and used to populate the GURU clinical database application:

  • Patient Name (last, first, mi)
  • Patient Medical Record Number
  • Visit Date ("Admission Date")
  • Patient Visit/Admission Number
  • Patient Birthdate
  • Guarantor/Relative's SSN
  • Guarantor/Relative Code (i.e. 'M' for Mother, 'F' for Father)
  • Guarantor/Relative's Name (last, first, mi)
  • Guarantor/Relative's Address
  • Guarantor/Relative's City, State, Zip Code
  • Guarantor/Relative's Phone Number
  • Clinic Code (4-character alpha)
  • ICD-9 Code(s)
  • Insurance Company Plan Description
The fields have fixed lengths so the report appears as columns of information with the respective field values.

Please contact Stuart Weinberg, MD at for additional information.